Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC: Match Preview

Spurs V Arsenal

The London derby hasn’t been much bigger. It’s the title showdown between two teams that are arguably quite distant from the top spot, so as vague as the stakes are, the emotions will be that vivid. Arsenal have lost their previous three games and Arsene couldn’t get hold of his disappointment after the Swansea game but Tottenham, the story that could be compared to Leicester’s has turned a bit sour too after their defeat to the Hammers. Both teams will contest this fixture on the back of Premier League defeats but more often than not, everything is the past when it comes to derby matches. Footbet brings you the preview and build up before the London shake-up.

Where is this going for Arsenal?

Well as painful as it is for the football club, so far the story has been the same as before. After raising the bar, they fall down below their usual.

Not looking good for Wenger

Not looking good for Wenger

Since that win at Leicester which was supposed to spark a title chase, everything has gone south for the gunners. The disappointment of fans echoed in that silent interview room where Arsene gave his post-match conference. When asked what the defeat meant for their title hopes, he vaguely replied “I don’t want to think about that now. We’re very disappointed!” Since that loss, the attacks have been as vicious off the field as they can with almost every analyst and football player/fan thrashing Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. You know its bad when your star player, Sanchez, goes out on the media and says the team lacks self-belief.

Arsenal look dejected

Arsenal look dejected

Saying its not looking good would be an understatement. But the silver lining, if you REALLY REALLY want to see it is that this time the storm’s come their way while they still have a chance. City, Tottenham and Leicester before that, they all slipped and there isn’t much of a difference. Of course Arsenal look like they won’t make it, but a solid performance can change that completely and that is what Arsene will be saying, This storm of rants coming their way might just prove to be the motivation they need, but that’ll require some fine psychological work on Arsenal’s behalf and that is why we aren’t making them the second favorites for the Derby. As far as we are concerned, it’s an open contest!

Spurs must be waiting for this for so long!

Spurs have had a blast of a season. They aren’t just in the top four, they’re second and they have played some of the most entertaining football in the Premier League. The high pressing and quick passing game which Pochettino has embedded into this Spurs team has paid off almost every time.

Kane was the hero at the last meeting at White Hart Lane

Kane was the hero at the last meeting at White Hart Lane

The last game was probably one of the most difficult for them this season. West Ham denied their star players space and they were caught more often than not in the back. While the game was a worrying concern for the Lillywhites, it wont be too hard to get the players mentally ready for this derby showdown. The last time Arsenal visited White Hart Lane, Harry Kane came up with the goods. Tottenham have shown they posses the nerves for the challenge ahead and they certainly don’t look as timid as Arsenal have been in the last couple of games. Having said that, Moussa Dembele might be available again. The Belgian was a key player this season till he got injured and his return could provide the motivation that’ll win Spurs the game.

Previous Meetings:


  Played Tottenham Hotspur Win Draw Arsenal Win
At White Hart Lane 5 3 1 1
At Emirates Stadium 5 0 2 3
Total 10 3 3 4


Spurs Form in the Premier League: LWWWWW

Arsenal’s Form in the Premier League: LLWWDL

Team News:

Arsene Wenger confirmed that Cech and Koscielny will both be out for the Spurs game, so fragilities at the back continue. For Spurs, the big news is that Demebele might be fit to face the Gunners. We’ll bring you all the live updates as the match approaches.


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Arsenal FC v Swansea City: Match Preview

Arsenal v Swansea

Arsenal v Swansea

Arsenal are at home this Wednesday, hoping to recover from the brutal loss to arch rivals Manchester United on the weekend. Arsenal sit 3rd in the League Table currently and with City playing Liverpool, Arsenal need to win this match by any means necessary. It has been a tragic couple of weeks for them after that win against Leicester and they need to get past this hang-over phase. Swansea City are fresh from their defeat against Tottenham, the other London team currently in the title race, and while Swansea weren’t perfect in that game, Arsenal will be aware of the fact that they almost got away with a point after Fabianski had made 12 out of character good saves.

The last time Arsenal played Swansea, the Swans won all three points after Gomis gave them the lead in the eighty fifth minute. Arsenal can’t let that happen in the return fixture. Footbet gives a preview of what either set of players and fans will have on their minds.

Arsenal FC

Wenger is under all sorts of pressure ahead of the clash

Wenger is under all sorts of pressure ahead of the clash

At some point in every season for the last couple of years, Arsenal look favourites for the Premier League title, but then it goes south for the gunners. It might be a little early to say that their shot at the title is gone, but Arsenal do look like they’re on their way to another disappointing whiff of the trophy. After their win against Leicester, Arsenal were flying, but a slow draw to Hull and a thumping at home to Barcelona was not what they needed. Then came Manchester United who were supposedly in a bad shape and Arsenal had a good shot at beating them, but as much as you praise the young guns of United, Arsenal have nobody but themselves to blame for the loss. Swansea City might be the final nail in the coffin for Arsenal’s title hopes and if common sense dictates, Arsenal will probably get a convincing win.

Swansea City FC

Paloschi will be hoping to build on his first goal

Paloschi will be hoping to build on his first goal

Five games into Francesco Guidolin’s tenure and things don’t seem to have changed for the Jacks at all. They made quite a few mistakes against Spurs at the weekend and if it weren’t for Fabianski’s heroics, Spurs would have had a comfortable victory at White Hart Lane. The bright side was that Paloschi did get his first goal for the Swans and with a reputation of a prospect, he might provide the necessary flair against Arsenal too. To be honest, the attack wasn’t the problem against Spurs, it was primarily the mid-field that gave away too many stray passes and that needs to improve against the gunners.

Probable Line Ups

Arsenal (from): Cech, Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Gabriel, Gibbs, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Arteta, Coquelin, Elneny, Flamini, Ozil, Ramsey, Campbell, Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck.

Swansea City (from): Fabianski, Nordfeldt, Amat, Bartley, Fernandez, Naughton, Rangel, Taylor, Williams, Ayew, Britton, Cork, Fer, Fulton, Ki, Lucas, Montero, Routledge, Sigurdsson, Barrow, Emnes, Gomis, Paloschi.

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League Cup Final: Back to square one for Liverpool but they now know what they are capable of!

Liverpool dejected after the loss

Liverpool dejected after the loss

To lose in a final after playing above expectation is a real punch in the face and fair play to Klopp who did not sugar-coat it when he said in a post-match interview: “It feels like s**t!”. Yes it does! Liverpool players would have gone back to their beds disappointed and cramped up but the next day, they would have realized that they actually had more than a few great moments as well. This is Klopp’s team, but not his squad. This is a squad he inherited from Rodgers and not a single player in the starting eleven was bought by Klopp. It’s fascinating to think that Klopp came in and turned these players into believers in such a short period of time and last night, the players found out that if they play like the manager wants them to, they can equal any team in the Premiere League.

Origi was a few inches away from winning it

Origi was a few inches away from winning it

Yes Liverpool did get lucky when Sterling and Aguero missed all those chances, but fair-play to them for not letting the tide take them along. Liverpool hadn’t recorded a single shot on target up until the goal and that statistic goes to prove that they were giving City too much respect. Once they knew they had to score, they started making bold decisions, nutmegs and short passes came along the way and Coutinho thumped the ball in the back of the net. Liverpool have been blessed with a very technical front line-up and last night, this team found out that they have sufficient quality to be challenging for the title, definitely for the top four. Liverpool were without their preferred center back pairing and that is a huge statistic considering that they were defending against Aguero, Silva, Sterling and Toure. Lucas was exceptional at the back, not letting Aguero breath for a second. Every time Aguero received a ball from mid-field, Lucas was there to ensure he had no time to turn. Liverpool could have won the game in the second period of extra time if it were not for a fine save from Caballero and a few inches between Origi’s boot and Milner’s cross. Liverpool are rightly disappointed at the loss, but this final did show them the quality they thought they never had!

Klopp has the perfect emotional value for Liverpool

Klopp has the perfect emotional value for Liverpool


Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal FC: 5 THINGS WE LEARNED

Herrara scores United's third

Herrara scores United’s third

It was emotional, it was exciting, it was sloppy and it was brutally entertaining, just what this fixture used to be in the old days. Rashford scored a brace and gathered an assist while Arsenal kept looking for the divine intervention. Arsenal started on the front foot at Old Trafford but United are one of the few teams in the Premiere League who actually take that as a positive sign. Rashford was perfectly placed to bang the ball in the back of the net after it had ricochet in the box. The goal came against the run of flow to give United the lead. It also sent Arsenal to sleep as United continued to press and minutes later found the back of the net with a comfortable header. It was a dream debut for the young forward. Welback did score to reduce the deficit before half time much to the fury of United fans.

Arsenal started the second half on the front foot again, but kept on looking for the perfect goal which was not to come today. A magnificent brake saw Rashford place the ball in front of the box for Herrara whose shot was deflected into the goal by Koscielny. While Arsenal kept on weaving the perfect build-up, United youngsters gambled with what came their way and returned the two goal margin. Ozil did slot in Arsenal’s second a few minutes later to keep Arsenal fans on the edge of their seats for the rest of the 90 minutes but United kept their heads and won 3-2. Here are five things we learned.

1. United won because youngsters needed to prove themselves

United’s recent performances have been forgettable this season and with as many as 15 first team players out, the notion was that United will be in a lot more trouble. But this injury crises has proved to be a blessing in disguise for Manchester United, in particular Louis Van Gaal. United fans have been screaming “Attack! Attack” for much of the season and many had doubted the commitment and will power of this United squad and if they were properly motivated by their manager or not. But with first-teamers out, United youngsters strolled into the scene with inexperience but zest and a hunger to prove themselves. Today was a happy day for the Manchester United scouting system.

It was a day for the youngsters at Old Trafford

It was a day for the youngsters at Old Trafford!

Every youngster that came on felt at home because of the similar faces he had around him and he felt like he needed to prove himself. It’s like “That guys plays with me in the junior squad, if he can do it, I must do it too!” Its important that these youngsters now understand that one or two good games don’t necessarily mean a happy career, they need to keep their feet on the ground and provide more of the same and this could turn into a very positive ending for the season.

2. Arsenal keep on looking for the perfect goal

Arsenal are one of the best passing team in the premiere league, they create spaces and slide the ball through small pockets to score. While that is entertaining, Arsenal need to understand that you cant always pass the ball into the net. United were a lot more adventurous during the game trying something different every time and it paid off. Arsenal could have had a lot more shots on target if they were a little more direct. To be honest, I am surprised Giroud has made it this far in this team because a traditional Centre Forward would have nightmares playing these short passes and trick balls. Arsenal have been shy of goals in the previous matches and looking at them today, it was obvious why.

3. Rashford is a star in the making

Rashford has 4 goals in 4 days!

Rashford has 4 goals in 4 days!

When the 18 year old forward scored a brace mid-week, everybody was careful in praising the youngster, maybe it was because of the quality of the opponents or maybe everybody thought he got lucky, but today he was against one of the best sides in the Premiere League. This was a huge change in quality of the opposition and within just four days too, but that did not seem to affect the teenager’s performance today. He was consistent through out the game and he looks like a natural goal scorer. He slid into those pockets of space between the two Arsenal center halves for both goals and he showed his composure when United scored their third. Many youngsters would have fancied a shot or tried to dribble their way through at that point if they had had a game like Rashford did, but he kept his head and made the right decision by passing the ball to Herarra. That takes composure for an eighteen year old and it is fairly obvious that Rashford is one for the future.

4. Van Gaal finally gives the fans what they want

Van Gaal does not let his emotions show, we all know that. This season has been a tough one for Louis and much of the criticism he has faced is well-deserved. With the shadow of Mourinho looming large, it’s never easy to do your job and the fans seem to have given up on the Dutchman. The fans want passion and they want their team to show that they care. The only time the fans actually felt a connection with Louis was when the cameras rolled on to him sitting on the bench with a pen and pencil in his hands. But today Louis made a decision he should have made a long time ago. He was more vocal, more active and was a pain for the officials. His diving “stunt” has taken the internet and the fans cheered the old manager’s cheesy move. That’s what they want even if they know its staged. Louis will have changed a few minds in the crowd today.


In case you forgot, this is what a dive looks like!

5. Arsenal have lot to do AGAIN!

Wenger has been here before!

Wenger has been here before!

Here we are again. How often have we said it for the London giants, after getting into a position where their fans believe they can win the title again, they slip back to their much-too familiar position. Although the next match is against Spurs, but if their title ambitions took a vicious knock today and everyone affiliated to the club will have realized that. They have a lot to do in the coming days and it’s something we’ve been saying every season now.


Manchester United v Arsenal FC: Match Preview

Manchester United host London giants Arsenal at Old Trafford on Sunday 28th. The situation is far from ideal at both clubs, but they will be looking at this game as an opportunity to prove their stature to their doubters. Manchester United go into the fixture on the back of the most convincing victory of the season while Arsenal’s last fixture in the Premiere League was a 2-1 win over leaders Leicester City. Footbet takes a look at both sides today and discusses the forms and talking points before the fixture.

Manchester United

The Red Devils have finally had a much needed time-off from all the controversies and poor performances. Since that embarrassing night in Denmark, they finished forcefully against Shrewsbury with a three goal win and gave their best performance of the season probably in the Europa League with a 5-1 win. There were positives other than the emphatic score line in that fixture esp. the fact that two youngsters got on the score sheet for the Reds. Manchester United will be looking to continue this run against Arsenal and De Gea’s return presses the need for a victory even more. United fans will be optimistic today and they have every right to be. Louis Van Gaal’s absurd “horny” comments worked much to the surprise of us all and the Dutchman can enjoy a smile after a very long time.

Arsenal FC

Arsenal sit two points behind the league leaders Leicester after they won 2-1 against them in their last Premiere League fixture and with Tottenham currently above them because of a higher goal difference and Manchester City breathing down their neck, they probably need the win more than United. Arsenal’s previous two fixtures in all competitions were somewhat disappointing. They drew against Hull in a 0-0 draw and were beaten emphatically by Barcelona on home turf in the UEFA Champions League. Although their last Premiere League game went excellently, they will still feel like they are a little off their best because of the last two fixtures, something Arsene Wenger will need to worry about.

Kick-off Sunday 2.05pm
Venue Old Trafford
Referee C Pawson


Manchester United to win – 9/4 here
Arsenal to win –  7/5 here

Line Up

Possible Line Up

Manchester Utd

Subs Romero, Poole, A Pereira, Herrera, Weir, Valencia, Rojo, Januzaj, Love, Martial, C Pereira, Smalling

Doubtful Martial (hamstring), Smalling (match fitness)

Injured Valencia (ankle, all 2 Mar), Young (groin, all unknown), Fellaini (hamstring, Apr), Rooney (knee, Apr), Schweinsteiger (knee, Apr), Bortwick-Jackson, Jones (both knock),  Shaw (leg, May), Darmian (shoulder), Keane (pelvis),



Subs Ospina, Macey, Chambers, Gibbs, Gabriel, Flamini, Arteta, Elneny, Reine-Adelaide, Campbell, Iwobi, Walcott

Injured Wilshere (leg, 19 Mar), Cazorla, (knee, Apr), Oxlade-Chamberlain (knee, Apr), Rosicky (thigh, May)


Footbet prediction 1-1 draw 11/2 here

LVG seems to be alone at Manchester United

It’s becoming embarrassing for United and Louis is a GONE MAN!

Jose Mourinho

He waits!

So what do the New Saints, Bangor City and Manchester United have in common? They all have conceded more than one goal against FC Midtjylland away from home in Europe. United lost 2-1 in Denmark, but that’s not where it all started. Louis Van Gaal has been living on the edge for months now. More often than not United provide two or three poor performances and the pressure mounts on Louis, but they go on to win the next game and everybody thinks that’ll spur up a revolution. So when United lost to Midtjylland, the occasion was far more familiar to United fans than it should have been. David De Gea has dragged United out of more holes than one can think of, but with him out of the picture for some time and Rooney a long-time absentee, Louis has run out of saviors.


Manchester United’s line up in Denmark, what a happy bunch!

If I was one of the Manchester United fans who had to pay 71 pounds and stand in the chilling foreign land to see my team under-perform against a club that has less years on the calendar than their youngest player, I would be screaming “We are f****** sh**” too. Manchester United will play Shrewsbury in the FA Cup next and then a return leg in the Europa league before a showdown against Arsenal. Manchester United might be able to squeeze out results from their next two fixtures and with an away goal in their locker, they can still qualify for the next stage in the Europa League, but this time two wins in a row will not be enough to convince the club hierarchy or the supporters. One has to say that if Van Gaal was an English manager, he might have faced the axe a long time ago. But Louis Van Gaal’s reputation in international waters has kept him in the job for so long.

Van Gaal

Van Gaal cant find answers on the pitch anymore and it’s time!

United’s fixture against Arsenal couldn’t have come at a worse time. United’s squad has already been thinned out by injuries and with De Gea and Rooney, the two key players out, a run of cup ties will not help the Red Devils. United will need a very strong performance against Midtjylland in the return leg and with Arsenal motivated to win the league, playing them right after the Europa League fixture might prove to be the proverbial nail in the coffin for Louis Van Gaal. Reports in today’s papers already suggest that United are trying to bring in Jose Mourinho before the end of the season and with so much to do without their key players and an angry fan base, Louis looks like a gone man already.

Capital One Cup final

Liverpool FC V Manchester City: Match Preview

Liverpool meet Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final on Sunday, 28th February and Footbet gives a preview of what we can expect in the fixture.

Both teams will be looking at the fixture as a glimmer of opportunity in an otherwise not so special season. Manchester City of course are still in the title race but unlike previous seasons, the entire top four consider themselves to be in that category.

Pellegrini will know how important winning some silverware is at this stage

Pellegrini will know how important winning some silverware is at this stage

Leicester sit at the top and while they might not be as comfortable as they were before, they are still leading and it’d be foolish to rule them out of the title race just yet. So City are therefore competing with the leaders and the two London clubs that currently sit above them in the table. A chance to pick up some silverware with a little champagne will go a long way in pleasing the fans at this point who for now, see Guardiola’s arrival next season as the only comforting fact.

Liverpool are way off the business end of the table and are currently a mid-table team, a position that seems insulting considering their history and the amount of money they have invested in the last two seasons. Jurgen Klopp might be the most emotional manager in the Premiere League, but he is smart enough to know that there is little chance of accomplishing a reasonable result here, and with Liverpool less than convincing last night in Europa League as well, the Capital One Cup seems to be the most realistic chance of picking up some silverware.

Liverpool will need a strong performance at Anfield prior to the Cup Final

Liverpool will need a strong performance at Anfield prior to the Cup Final

Both teams have a fixture three days prior to the final. Liverpool play FC Augsburg at home and after that goal-less draw in Germany (and without an away goal in their arsenal), Liverpool will need to give an excellent performance to shake off the resilient German underdogs. City will play Dynamo Kyiv in Russia in the Champions League knock-out stages. they have a more difficult run of games prior to the fixture as they will need to travel a considerable distance for the UCL fixture. Liverpool are out of the FA Cup so they wont be playing on the weekend, on the other hand City will be playing old foes Chelsea. So a tight run of fixtures for City might prove to be the difference, although having said that, City have a lot more depth in their squad. The coming days will decide which way the balance tips for the Capital One Cup final so keep on following us here at as we bring you all the updates.

Cavani scores

PSG 2-1 Chelsea : Cavani comes off the bench to give PSG an advantage-3 things we learned

Paris Saint-Germain will go into the away leg against Chelsea with a one goal lead although Chelsea do have the away goal on their side, which can be the only savior a team needs in a UEFA Champions League draw. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s deflected free-kick gave PSG the lead but Mikel went from villain to hero later when he equalized with his effort. Edison Cavani came off the bench to give PSG the well deserved lead in the second half.

Cavani scores

Cavani came off the bench to win it for PSG!

The match is still pretty much in the balance for the second leg at Stamford Bridge. Here are 3 things we learned from the draw.

  1. Chelsea can still do what they DID!

Last night, Chelsea reminded everybody of why they became champions in the previous campaign. Steady, strong at the back and decisive when they need to be, Chelsea rode out most of the game by perfecting the Park-the-Bus philosophy of Jose Mourinho. Chelsea were ready to settle for a draw on foreign turf if it were not for Cavani’s goal. But the match certainly was reminiscent of the old Chelsea that would execute a game like a plan. Cant say we hope to see more of that, but the Chelsea fans will be happy knowing they still have what it takes.

  1. Mikel in a nut-shell

Jon Obi Mikel has been a steady figure in Hiddink’s side for the last few games and his panache on the pitch made many fans believe he was the silver lining in Matic’s drop of form. Last night was a confusing one though. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s free kick was deflected by Mikel into the goal but after just six minutes, he ramified that error with a goal at the right end of the pitch. Chelsea fans will be hoping that the midfielder continues his great run of form in the return fixture as well.


Mikel had a bumpy six minute ride

  1. Selling Di Maria was a mistake by United
Di Maria was great against the blues

Di Maria was great against the blues

The midfielder was amazing last night and one wonders if he was given enough time and support to shine in the Premiere League. Its always difficult to come from La Liga and hit the ground running in the English League because of the huge difference in style, but last night was a vivid reminder of the exquisite talent that the former Madrid man possesses. The Argentine terrorized Chelsea’s defense and was a constant threat through-out the game. Man United must be feeling low after watching him play like that.


Sunderland v Manchester United: Match Preview

Sunderland face Manchester United today at the Stadium of Light, but both teams have been in the news the entire week for other off-the-pitch reasons. Sunderland are fresh from firing Adam Johnson after his admission to illegal sex charges and Manchester United have been continuously linked with Jose Mourinho as Louis Van Gaal’s future remains uncertain. But keeping that aside, Footbet looks at on-the-pitch realities as we approach the fixture.


Sunderland sacked Adam Johnson earlier in the week.

Adam Johson sacked

Johnson will not play for Sunderland again!

Defoe will most probably start up front after his goal against Liverpool earned them a point, Khazri and Borini will be deployed on the flanks in the mid-field while M’Vila and Cattermole are most likely to maintain their positions in the middle of the midfield with Kirchoff as the holding midfielder. At the back, O’Shea and Kone were solid against Liverpool and will most probably continue in that position with Yedlin and Van Aanholt as the full-backs. Jones and Jens remain doubtful for the fixture while Kaboul, Watmore and Larsson remain injured. Mannone will probably line up between the posts for Sunderland.

Manchester United

Van Gaal needs a convincing victory today

Van Gaal needs a convincing victory today

With the shadow of Mourinho looming large on LVG, he will certainly have to get this one right and we might expect some out-of-the-blue changes.




Rooney will be leading from the front while Martial will continue in the midfield. Fellaini and Carrick look the most likely to start in the midfield also.

Lingard has done well this season

Lingard has done well this season

Lingard has been great for United and might start against Sunderland as well, while Mata might accompany him in the middle of the park with a point to prove! Blind and Smalling have been the first-choice center backs the entire season while Darmian and Borthwick-Johnson will start at the flanks as United are hit by injuries in the full-back section. De Gea, the in-form goalkeeper will start. Herrara and Depay are most likely to start on the bench as neither has found their best form yet for United this season.

Kick-off Saturday 12.45pm

Venue Stadium of Light

Last season Sunderland 1 Man Utd 1

Referee Andre Marriner

United’s Form: WDWLWD

Sunderland’s Form: WWLDLD

Prediction: Away win (0-2)

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Manchester United Latest: Mourinho’s shadow looms large

We all expected Jose Mourinho to wait for the summer, but it looks like the Portuguese might replace his former mentor at Manchester United much earlier than anticipated. Manchester United recently announced their financial status and the tension in the clubs hierarchy is growing. Ed Woodward has been on the defensive as well as owners questioning the fact that Leicester lead Manchester United with their small budget.

Ed Woodward on the defensive at Manchester United

Ed Woodward doesn’t look comfortable at United

As talk of Mourinho replacing Louis Van Gaal builds, Manchester United are more frequently linked with some big names in the transfer market, after all Mourinho will be given a fairly huge transfer kitty to rebuild this United team.

Jose Mourinho has apparently told his friends that he expects to take over from Louis Van Gaal before the summer. Mourinho has been waiting for the chance for quite some time now with reports suggesting the manager had denied Real Madrid before they chose Zinedine Zidane. Reports in the Daily Mail and Mirror suggest the move is about to happen soon.

LVG seems to be alone at Manchester United

LVG has stated that Manchester United will let him know if they plan to fire him

Louis Van Gaal recently stated that he feels safe at his job and that the owners would give him some sort of signal before they sack him. With all due respect Louis, if you have to remind everybody again and again that you’re safe, it probably means you’re not.

Of course with all this speculation, rumours about potential signing are not far behind. Manchester United have been linked with Renato Sanchez, Arjen Robben and other players in the not too distant past. The most recent players have been Ever Banega, Mauro Icardi and Raphael Varane.

Varnae Manchester United

Varane will feel at home with Mourinho at Manchester United

Ever Banega would be another midfielder for United and boy do they have a lot of them, but with Mata’s future hanging in the balance if Mourinho takes over, Banega might get a lot more attention. Reports in the Daily Mail suggest that Inter will accept a 35 million Euros bid for Icardi if they fail to book a top four spot in the Seria A. Manchester United have been in the market for a center back for a long time now and Raphael Varane, having already worked with Mourinho once, might be a great addition to the defense line up.

With so much happening for the Red Devils off the pitch, it looks like a good result on the pitch might not save Louis Van Gaal’s job at Manchester United this time around…